2 Million B.C. Slot Review

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Do you want to know how the world looked like 2 million years ago?

The slot game The 2 Million B.C. is the best way to travel in pre-historical time.


The 2 Million B.C. is one of the best Betsoft 3D online slots machine.

This is a3D video slot with wonderful graphics and cool soft sound effects. The theme of 2 Million B.C. free slot machine is the jungle, danger and adventures. There are a lot of stone labs, green leaves, branches of the trees and some fires on the way of your adventure.

The main heroes of this new 3D video slot are a caveman, a cavewoman and a tiger. You also can see an ant, a campfire, drawings on the walls of the cave, a pot with a dollar sign on it and a diamond.

This online slot has 5 reels and 30 paylines. The caveman stands at the reels. During the game, you hear the quit relaxing jungle noises and the caveman’s yawn.


2-million-b-c-slotThe 2 Million B.C slot game has many different combinations, which can help players get hard cash. One of the largest payouts is to score the jackpot. To have a jackpot, you must collect 5 characters who appear all in one of the active pay-lines.

You should know that some lucky paying combinations give you the free spin bonus. To have the free spin bonus, you will need to have at least three of the campfire symbols on the screen at the same time.

Another feature bonus game is the saber attack. You will have the bonus game if you shoot the saber tooth tiger at the screen successfully. However, to have the saber attack bonus game the player should collect at least three chestnuts on one pay-line at the screen at the same time. If you can hit the sabertooth tiger with an acorn you will get a cash prize, but it is very difficult.

2 Million BC suggests three different features to win some money. They are 3 campfires for free spins and three diamonds.

There are lot of other money-winning combinations available in 2 Million B.C. slots, which help you to increase your winning.

Remember if you see available bonus at the screen you always have to use them!


If you decide to begin the game, look at the control panel under the reels very carefully. You will 2-million-b-c-slot-reviewsbegin to play if you click on the rocks on the screen. Then choose the lines and spin reel of the game.

This game allows you to play up to 5 coins per line, with each coin valued from $0.02 to $1. It means that the highest price you can award on a single spin is $150.

Before the playing, adjust the bets between 1 credit up to 150 credits. Keep the mind the more credits, the higher jackpot will be.


Shortly speaking, it is a story about an exciting caveman’s journey in searching of the diamonds for his lovely cave-woman. Join the main hero on his journey and start your adventure.

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