Aliens Netent Slot Review

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NetEnt launched their video game called Aliens Slot in 2014, and today we are going to prove that this slot is different from others and once you open it you want to investigate every detail and make it work for you. This Aliens Slots Review is not about the company itself with description of all those achievements and it’s even not a tutorial how to play this slot. But what we are going to show is a package of advantages of this new slot over all others.

How to play Aliens slot

Let’s see at one of the main detail in every slot you can ever find in the online casino – its graphics. The reality of every symbol is so high that it raises an enduring feeling that the aliens on the screen will step up right now into your room. That’s not surprising at all since this slot was made in collaboration with famous film company 20th Century Fox and it’s based on the old movie from 80s.

Everyone who is fan of such theme in slots or movies in generally may try his luck in this video slot, both from mobile and computer. At first this game looks too complicated to be played on mobile but its graphic is so fantastic that it’s easy to enjoy every moment of it, every level, every game bonus on mobile and feel like it happens directly to you. And the main difference from all other video slots is that you feel yourself involved into the game, especially on level 2 and 3 where you take part in all the actions on the screen and stop being just a passive watcher.

Like every video slot of NetEnt this one has a lot of options with bets and coin value. The bets starts from 0,15 and may reach 150 euro, maximum jackpot- not progressive - here is almost 19.000 euro which is more than 3 times the stake. The good news is that The Aliens Slots may be played for free, with no bet for real money which means that every gamer has a chance to run the slot whenever and where ever he wants. An option of Autoplay allows choosing from 10 to 75 spins while you may just enjoy the game and do nothing to lead it.

The game of 3 levels

The Aliens Slots have 3 levels, and each of them has differences in stakes and bonuses. The aliens-netent-slot-reviewgame is played on 15 paylines and 5 reels, has multiplier, free spins and bonus games and of course scatter and wild. The symbols of the slots are all kinds of aliens that have ever been showed in the movies. The main among them is Wild - Weyland-Yutani – and on contrary to other known slots it has different role depending on the levels. On level 1 it may appear on 2-5 reel only; on level 2 it does not follow any rules and appear anywhere.

Level 1 is the first step to the big win. It’s also called “Search” and its main goal is to collect as many symbols of high value as possible because each of them will make the multiplier bigger.

Level 2 has got the name “The Encounter” and it starts as soon as you collect 10 symbols on the level 1. All these symbols transform into sticky wins which means that you get more wins and more multipliers, up to 6x for 3 same symbols in a spin. There are many different symbols in this level but the main are Ammo symbols which lie on the floor after aliens are shot. Once you see the Ammo symbols on the reels you get re-spins. But if somehow you reach out of the spins before you get to the end of the multiplier you will have to stop the game because it’s a failure. The main goal of this level is to reach the Queen Hive and it’s possible if you make the spins to the end.

Level 3 – The Hive – has the aim to destroy the Queen Hive with help of combination of grenade multiplier and strength both located on 2 horizontal reels. To kill the Hive you have 5 spins, so no chance to lose time.

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